The Rules ~Make sure you read here first~

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The Rules ~Make sure you read here first~

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:08 pm

The rules for RP Sex Mansion are relatively EASY to follow. Anyone who breaks these rules can find themselves with a maximum of 3 warnings. The 4th may result in a temporary ban, and the 5th may result in a permanent ban (depending on the 'crime' and if you got me on a good day or not. We'll see.) Warnings will last up to TWO days. You will reach your 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/possible 6th warnings within those two days. After two days if you offend again, I may or may not decide to put you back on warning 1 or on warning 2. (Seriously. Just behave.)

Behavior: It's normal for people to argue, or simply not get along. But we(I) ask for you NOT to bring it on the public forum. Take it to PM, and if it becomes a real issue contact the admins or moderators, that's what we are here for. (Or try using your foes list on that person, you wont see any messages or posts from them. You cant even PM each other!)

Reality: Yes we do have a sexual based and a nonsexual based RPing sections. I could really care less about what you guess decide to write, but lets be honest, reality plays an important role. You won't be fucking upside down on your bedroom ceiling unless you have no gravity, and thus it's a sci-fi-y RP. If you are a stand-by at Jesus' crucifixion and suddenly decide to time travel, dear God help your soul. But say you were a time traveler from the future, and go back to 30-36 AD to see the event that's totally okay. Just don't try to mess up time Wink

Spam: It's ugly. It's annoying. It makes you look untidy and gross. And everyone will hate you. Just don't do it.

Posts: They don't have to be a freaking book. But for the courtesy of others, make it a couple of sentences long. Otherwise your RP will lack in detail.. and creativity. Give your partner(s) something to work with.

God-Modding: Basically deciding what someone else's character does, without their permission. It's annoying, and rude. And take's the fun out of RPing. Don't do it.

Spelling: Mishaps do happen. And that's okay. Just don't text write "how r u" or do this crap "aNd l-le saied hElL0 L0l", because then I will slap you. Hard. Use normal English. Please.

Age: Are you supposed to be 18 and over? (I know most sex forums do.) I really don't care. But don't be a 13 year old (or even 18) trying to write a sexual RP and not even knowing what violent anal sex is. When you come on here, be mature and respectable. Know what you are doing. If you cant handle a sexual RP (or any rp in general) maturely and adult-like, I will ban you. No questions asked. Also. Don't be a 38 year old adult looking for a 16 year old on here. That's a no-no. Go somewhere else for that because I wont tolerate it.

Character Sheets: I love this one. I know having a lot of RP's can jumble your brain. First off, add them all to your favorites and then check back on them. Secondly, I created a Character Signature Forum so you can keep track of ALL your characters. ^.^

*Signatures: Do whatever you want with them. Maybe put your characters, a book quote, a poem, etc. Describes who you are! All I ask of you is if you put a gif, don't put an annoying gif. You know, something that's super flashy and fast moving, because as if staring at your phone or computer screen isn't enough to strain our eyes we don't need something to make it even worse. It's like driving in the middle of nowhere, at night, and seeing a bright "Open now" sign. It hurts. Or looking at your bright phone after a nice nap.

I know this may seem like A LOT, but really it's just common knowledge. I want you guys to have fun, and more importantly feel safe. I don't get really strict about much, unless personal safety is involved. Then I'm up your asses and you better pray to God. If you have any sort of issue with these rules (or anything in person) reach out to me! I wont get offended or judge you, and everything will remain private. Have fun guys


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